Our misison

We create masterpieces, stone by stone

Créations StoneArt is a family-run business founded in 2001.  Our specialty is the design and installation of light-weight stone veneer structures with manufactured or natural stone. From fireplaces to feature walls, we do it all!

Our passion lies in discovering the soul of every project.  Our commitment is to exceed your expectations by building reliable structures with quality materials delivered with exceptional service!


With over 14 years experience in the design and installation of thin-stone veneer structures, Créations StoneArt can help make your dream a reality.

Whether it is the design of a new fireplace or the transformation of an existing one, the construction of an interior feature-wall, an exterior façade or kitchen, Créations StoneArt will help you achieve your project according to your décor and budget. Our expertise consists in presenting the best option by matching the functional needs, the style of decor and the budget of our clients. We can do this because we have:

Vast knowledge of the products currently available in the market;
The capacity to design and build the supporting structures;
The expert skills to install the chosen stone.

All of our projects are built according to building code, manufacturers’ recommendations and the industry’s best practices.

Our capacity and solid reputation to offer a complete 3 in 1 service sets us apart.

We take care of everything! We design, we build the substrates and we install the stone… everything according to a detailed contract that illustrates the wishes of each client.

Let us answer your main questions

Do you provide plans with your work?

We offer a design consultation service that includes drawings of the stone-veneer project. Click here to get more information related to our fees, and see how you can get your fireplace, wall, chimney, floor, shower plans for free!

How long will it take?

Time to finish the work always depend on the size and the complexity of the project. Most of our projects are achieved whitin a week or less. Créations StoneArt will keep you abreast of the convened schedule and of any unexpected developments.

Can I use stone veneer outside?

Stone veneer can be installed outside provided the strict methods are observed.  There are different wall preparation systems dictated by the existing wall itself and the stone chosen. Talk with our experts to find out what system is right for you.

I want to change my wooden fireplace mantle? Can Créations StoneArt do that as well?

Of course we can!  We work with several providers in order to offer our clients different options for wooden mantels. We can take care of measuring, choosing the material (rustic wood, reclaimed wood, finished wood) choosing the finishing and installing it.  If wood is not your preferred choice, we also offer concrete and natural stone mantles.

What should I expect in terms of cost for stone installation?

Cost for a stone veneer installation always depends on three things:


  1. The size and complexity* of the project.
  2. The choice of stone.
  3. The type of installation.


*Height, accessibility to the site, proximity of the project, etc., are all factors that influence the cost of installation.  


Ask us for a quote now to find out the cost of your project!

I have a tall chimney. Can Créations StoneArt do that type of work?

Créations StoneArt is equipped and has the experience with all kinds of structures and surfaces. We never compromise beauty or safety. We put all the effort required to prevent unwanted situations. Créations StoneArt also takes pictures of the areas where the stone installation is not at eye-level so that clients can see all of the work.

Don’t hesitate to hire the experts! Ask for a quote.

Is Créations StoneArt’s work guaranteed?

Our work is 100 % satisfaction guaranteed. Manufacturers offer different warranties for their products.

Will this project disrupt the daily routine in my house?

Mortar-based installations of stone veneer tend to be messier than those applied with other types of fasteners. Your cooperation and understanding are needed in order to clear as much as possible, all furniture and electronics from the rooms where the project is being built for easy.  This will greatly accelerate post-construction cleaning and allow us to properly protect your property. In case of demolition, we take every possible action to prevent the spread of dust throughout the house, but due to air circulation and traffic, all cannot be completely avoided. See one of our projects in the process!

Can I integrate shelving, lighting or TV wiring on my stone project?

At Creations StoneArt, we want to help you create the décor and space you desire and not just put stone on a wall.  We can take care of incorporating features like shelves and TV screens, pot-lights, etc. We take care of everything!

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